Ernest & Célestine
are committed to children
and the environment

Illustration of a fairy mouse wearing a tooth, extract of the Ernest and Célestine's movies

Multiple activities to defend universal values

Thumbnail of a watercolor by Ernest and Célestine looking for objects at the dump
Thumbnail a watercolor by Ernest and Célestine furnishing a bedroom

Ernest & Célestine are not only magic pictures and stories. They also commit as ambassadors of the values of Gabrielle Vincent. To have those values live and develop, the Foundation and the brand propose free pedagogical contents and make partnerships with associations, institutions, schools or brands. With Ernest & Célestine as ambassadors of a sustainable world, the Foundation also create exhibitions about all the values and subjects from the 26 albums published between 1981 and 2000

Watercolor of a chair with clothes on it, taken from a work by Ernest and Celestine
Watercolor of a thread for drying laundry and pink flowers, extract from a work by Ernest and Célestine

SOS Village d’Enfants Belgique, le partenariat qui a du sens

La Fondation a longtemps cherché un partenariat associatif fort pour Ernest & Célestine. Les deux amis voulaient des gens qui leur ressemblent. Ils ne pouvaient pas trouver plus adapté que SOS Village d’Enfants Belgique. Ce partenariat est avant tout l’envie d’une rencontre qui fait sens. Une rencontre du monde d’Ernest et de celui des parents de SOS Village d’Enfants, pour qui la sécurité émotionnelle et physique des enfants est la priorité absolue. Gabrielle Vincent, la « maman » d’Ernest & Célestine, aurait certainement beaucoup aimé cette synergie dans laquelle les maîtres mots sont empathie, lien social, protection.
Faites-vous plaisir en leur faisant plaisir… La Fondation reverse 10% des ventes de la boutique en ligne à SOS Village d’Enfants Belgique pour soutenir leurs actions auprès de milliers d’enfants en Belgique et partout dans le monde.

La boutique d’Ernest & Célestine
Watercolor of Célestine's shoe, extract from a work by Ernest and Célestine Aquarelle de la chaussure d'Ernest, extrait d'une oeuvre d'Ernest et Célestine

Chèvrefeuille asbl

Thumbnail of a watercolor of Ernest and Célestine welcoming mice

Chevrefeuille association is a house homing mothers and mums to be. This communitary home situated in Brussels was created in 1970 by Genevieve Synaeve. Her aim was very simple: she wanted to give a home to mothers and their children helping them to live after experiencing domestic violence.

Today the team goes on helping those women living again on their own as soon as possible. They focus on the physical and mental well-being of both children and mothers. When they leave the house, the team goes on helping them.

Ernest & Célestine got a crush on Chevrefeuille and decided to help them both financially and with free activities for their members.

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If your association defends universal values such as the ones Ernest & Célestine live with, lets’ just talk about it. Tolerance, respect, sharing, inclusion, ecology; whatever you like to deal with we could be interested in it.

A partnership with the foundation
Watercolor of plums, extract from a work by Ernest and Celestine Watercolor of a blue bag filled with plums', taken from a work by Ernest and Celestine
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